5 User-Experience Updates That Twitter Could Roll Out in 2020 – Adweek

Twitter is constantly tweaking its user experience, and the social network provided a peek at more changes that could be implemented sometime next year.

Vice president of design and research Dantley Davis shared details on five potential updates with Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today:

There is currently no way for a Twitter user to remove themselves from a conversation if they are @ mentioned or tagged within an image, although they can mute the conversation. The social network is toying with an easier way to enable users to remove themselves from conversations, with another benefit being that it diminishes the effectiveness of spam taggers.
Twitter is also testing the ability for users to not allow retweets of specific tweets. Hutchinson noted that this update could come in handy in cases where a user replies to another user and doesn’t want his or her comment to be taken out of context, or if a tweet starts drawing attention for unintended reasons. It could also lead to more direct engagement in the form of replies instead of retweets or quote tweets.
The social network is working on a way for users to prevent themselves from being @ mentioned in tweet threads unless they grant permission, which could help in cases of bullying, abuse or trolling.
Twitter is also exploring the idea of allowing users to remove @ mentions from specific conversations, for many of the same reasons listed above.
Finally, the social network is working on a way for users to tweet only to specific hashtags, interests or groups of friends, giving them a way to select specific audiences for their content.

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