5 Ways To Manage Brand Perceptions

5 Ways To Manage Brand Perceptions

This is a short summary of the hands-on actions you can take to maximize your management of perception in people’s minds.

1. Start with your higher intentions. Describe, in as much detail as possible, what you want to achieve. Consider the big picture or your higher aim; your ‘why’ or your spiritual dimension.

2. Connect it to something people already know. Consider how the part of the brain that makes decisions works and remember that it’s a non-verbal part of the brain. Put simply, the brain asks these two questions before making a decision:

  • Have I seen this before? YES/NO
  • Was it a GOOD/BAD experience?

Since the decision-making part of the brain is non-verbal, you need to use patterns to reach it.

3. Create a pattern out of your perception. Since the decision-making part of the brain is non-verbal, verbal communication and arguments do not have as great an impact on decisions as we have believed in the past. Visuals, activities (including enlisting existing customers as references and a sales force), processes, causality and similar approaches work better.

4. Connect with the individual. Anything that is connected to the life and work of individuals is 70 percent more effective in producing the desired perception in people’s minds.

5. Program anticipation and prepare the surprise. Use expressions like ‘the first time ever’, ‘totally unique’, ‘different approach’. Announce the presence of the unexpected and tell the customer they will be surprised.

Contributed to Branding Strategy Insider by: Thomas Gad, excerpted from his book Customer Experience Branding, with permission from Kogan Page publishing.

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