About Us

“Very Busy Brands” is formed by maverick team having diverse experience in various verticals and across the industries. ( cheesy 😉 )


Watching helplessly and seeing the best and the most favorite brands, companies and groups from 70s till 2010’s shut down or being taken over and foreclosed is the top reason to start Very Busy Brands.
You name it and we have emotionally suffered through it all.

Another big inspiration in forming Very Busy Brands was the childhood memories of those really nice products in 70s,80s,90s,00s.

We believe inspiration is the fuel of every soul and one must find it in everyday life. Very Busy Brands is a wild cry to those things that could have been and should have been. Its actually the last hope of every struggling brand and the first choice of every upcoming one.

At Very Busy Brands you will find the best of the Brands, The best agencies in the Advertising world, The best talents and their talent agents from all over the world.

Very Busy Brands act as a meta platform or search directory for all the mentioned above. The objective of Very Busy Brands is to help everyone in the branding, advertising and entertainment industry grow and scale even more heights or cross even more prized milestones.

Thank you each and every one to shape this fortress of hope and desire in branding world.

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