Air France: New safety instructions


Air France is today unveiling its new in-flight safety video, an elegant, lively and fast-moving showcase of French culture. Incorporating all the latest regulatory changes in force, this video symbolizes the essence of the Air France brand. An invitation to travel for everyone all over the world, where the airline declares its love of France and its lifestyle.

Two flight attendants explain the safety instructions to passengers from all walks of life, travelling together from one iconic landmark to another, places that highlight the best of France, to the tune of lively melodies, inspired by musicals.

In an instant, passengers are transported from the steps of the Opéra Garnier to the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, from the sunny French Riviera to the legendary Hotel Martinez. The stroll continues through the vineyards of Provence, past museums, a fashion show, a typical French café terrace and along the banks of the Seine and its famous booksellers. So many fascinating places just waiting to be discovered and admired.

The safety briefing ends at the top of the sparkling Eiffel Tower, where an Air France crew greets the airline’s customers.

In this poetic tribute to the art of French-style travel, Air France seeks to capture everyone’s attention in order to deliver its safety instructions in a joyful, elegant and colourful video. Six years after the last video was released, this film is adapted to all the various different aircraft and cabin layouts.

Film advertisement created by Aura, France for Air France, within the category: Transport.

Aura by Omnicom Group: Anne Vincent, Mathilde Seboul, Adrien Marsaud

Executive Creative Directors:
Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie

Art Director:
Philippe Taroux, Benoit Leroux

Creative producer:
Anne-Claire Girard


Film Director:
Romain Quirot

CEO Else & Producer:
Maxime Boiron

Executive Producer:
Jennifer Bauche

Production Director:
Tristan Voisin

Post-production & 3D:
EElse – Elise Gamboa, Younes Chekouh, Benjamin Piton

Music & Sounds:
EElse – Olivier Lefebvre, Fanny Mithois

Ludovic Bource

Agency Network: 

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