Best Cookware From Walmart 2019

I fancy myself as a relatively competent cook; I can follow a recipe, and I have a basic idea of what flavors compliment each other, but I'm no Ina Garten. Because I'm not the most confident in the kitchen and I live in a city where takeout is available anytime, anywhere, I find myself preparing food at home less than I, and my wallet, would like. I've convinced myself that the reason I don't cook enough is because my equipment could use an upgrade. I have a couple of pans and a few Pyrex glass containers, but that's about it. In order for me to channel my inner Barefoot Contessa, I need some new kitchen essentials ASAP.

I found everything my kitchen could need at Walmart, for prices that make my wallet happy. From a full set of pots and pans to a new blender — and of course the holy grail Kitchen Aid mixer — they've got everything you could possibly want, whether you're starting to build your cookware collection or are a seasoned pro looking for a little revamp. Just keep reading to shop our picks, and while you're at it, dream up all the yummy things you can create!

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