Bitfia Launches Its Peer to Peer Trade Platform for Digital Assets

Singapore-based Bitfia Labs has announced that it has launched a Peer to Peer crypto-trading extension of its well known Crypto Wallet, PINT.

Delhi, India, March 14, 2019 --()-- PINT is a very secure HD wallet where the private keys are kept by users. It has six Blockchain assets and four ERC20 tokens. More digital assets will be added upon the community’s request. PINT has been built keeping in mind ease of use and convenience. It comes with a unique anti-theft feature. PINT has created a footprint in over 30 countries.

Bitfia has now launched a Peer to Peer (P2P) marketplace on the PINT wallet. Users can buy or sell from the existing advertisements or create their own advertisement on the platform. PINT P2P is unique because it is designed to work directly from the users’ wallet whose private keys are with user. The seller’s asset moves to a transparent escrow account on blockchain only when the deal is confirmed with the buyer.

The best thing in PINT is the seller does not transfer the asset to a centralised exchange wallet before creating a trade advertisement. Also, there is no third party intervention in the trade process. In fact, the user controls the process completely.

Currently, the Android App is available. iOS App is expected to be launched soon.

The two assets which can be traded on the marketplace are BTC and ETH.

Currently, the company is focused on Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Bitfia is a Blockchain company based in Singapore and is being incubated at IIE Singapore Management University.

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