Direwolf Names Foreshadowed Starks' Fate on Game of Thrones

Warning: Direwolf-sized Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

What if your dog's name offered some sort of clue about your future? Sophie Turner's dogs' names would definitely hint at an interesting turn of events for the Game of Thrones star. As for the rest of the Thrones crew? Way back in season one, each Stark child was given a direwolf puppy to name and care for as their own, and it turns out that the names they chose might have foreshadowed where each one of them would end up all along, according to one Reddit user.

While the connection between Lady's name and Sansa might seem a little more obvious than the connection between Grey Wind's name and Robb, it looks like we really should have paid more attention to the direwolves' telling names. Find out how each direwolf's name connects to the Stark kids' fates ahead.

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