DTC Aperitif Brand Haus Found a Loophole in Liquor Law – Adweek

“Haus exists because a Silicon Valley founder married a wine and spirits guy,” says co-founder Helena Hambrecht about working with her husband, Woody, on the concoctions and their marketing. And they’re discovering a new way to get the potent potable to customers through a loophole in the law.

But that has its drawbacks, too—owning production and retail means “a lot of costs up front,” she says. Still, Haus has ambitions for brick-and-mortar stores.

Made from California grapes grown on the family farm, Haus boasts less alcohol than liquor, less sugar than most aperitifs and “is easier to understand than wine.”

“We’re lucky that our product is really good,” Hambrecht says. “It got a lot of hype, but if it’s not good, that does’t matter.”

Watch the full interview in this episode of I’m With the Brand to see how Haus is building its identity.

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