Funny Memes and Tweets About Tyler C. From The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron isn't just a snack — he's the whole damn meal. The 26-year-old Florida native may have flown relatively under the radar during the season 15 premiere, but he quickly rose to fan favorite status as he garnered more camera time. With a jawline so chiseled it could cut glass, a six-pack capable of grating cheese, and dreamy eyes as blue as the ocean, the general contractor and certified stud continues to prove himself a front runner with each new episode. Oh, and let's not forget his feminist-friendly one-liners! (See: "women really do run this world" and "I wanna be your arm candy.") *Swoons*

Needless to say, Tyler C.'s devastatingly good looks and charm have wholeheartedly won over Bachelor Nation, as Twitter is practically flooded with hilariously thirsty reactions to his every move when he appears on screen. If Hannah Brown doesn't give him her final rose, it looks like there's a whole host of viewers who are more than willing to patch up his broken heart. Ahead, read through all the funny fan tweets about Tyler C., and get ready to smash that "retweet" button.

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