MasterCard: Fingerprints Portraits

MasterCard: Fingerprints Portraits
MasterCard: Fingerprints Portraits


With the PSD2 revisions under way and the SCA mandates about to go live, biometric authentication is becoming a hot topic in the European society.

But even though Mastercard has finished developing the tools necessary to comply with the new payment industry standard – ID Check being the most important one – the supporting consumer-facing communication frameworks to educate & carry the innovation message are yet to be developed.
How can we send a clear and impactful message to consumers about the new biometric safety & security tools while it’s still hot news?

Mastercard, as innovative technology company, raised quick awareness about biometrics by creating
a series of portraits using a unique technique - fingerprints.
Highlighting the benefits of face recognition and fingerprints payments through a unique art form of precision, we positioned Mastercard as a technological leader in the payments industry.

By connecting the two most sophisticated payment methods - the fingerprint and the face recognition - Mastercard offers its customers the safest way to pay.
This project explained to people that they should not mistrust the new technologies, through a unique exhibition, featuring portraits made only with fingerprints.

We invited a renowned artist (Jan Petrov) to paint portraits using only fingerprints and exhibit them at the Authentication & Biometry press conference. The audience witnessed how the artist crafted such a portrait, live. We auction the portraits, this way everyone could buy the exhibited artworks with face recognition payment.

Integrated advertisement created by McCann, Czechia for MasterCard, within the category: Finance.


Mastercard ID Check. Now you can use both Touch ID and Face ID for more security.

Advertising Agencies: McCann, Prague, Czech Republic / McCann, London, UK

President Creative Europe, Global ECD:
Adrian Botan

Chief Creative Officer:
Razvan Capanescu

Executive Creative Director:
Roy Cohen

Senior Creative:
Hetu Negri

Senior Creative:
Juan Peirano

Group Creative Director:
Klára Palmer

Art Director:
Ondřej Kroupa, Otakar Čihák

Adam Roučka

Painter/ Artist:
Jan Petrov

Senior Account Manager:
Ruta Buciunaite

Account Director:
Radka Bušová

Account Manager:
Monika Semerádová

Creative Excellence Manager Europe:
Carmen Bistrian

PR & Communication Manager:
Alice Reindlova

Benjamin Mulderer

Agency Producers:
Kamila Tehranian, Antonin Milata (Renegadz)

Movie Director:
Ondřej Urbanec

Images are for reference only.Images gathered automatic from google.All rights on the images and the contents are with their original owners.

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