Netflix / Narcos: Cocaine Routes


Narcos: Mexico - Cocaine Routes was created to show cocaine’s journey around the world. Every time a user enters their location within the site, our algorithm creates a personalised video selecting specific post produced scenes from all Narcos seasons, connecting in real time with Google web mapping technologies, merging satellite and Street View images; combining these elements with accurate routes and the specific transportation methods - air, land or sea, to create a hyper personalized video for each user.

Visit, an immersive, personalized video experience to promote the launch of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix, so people from around the world can discover how the Cartel of Guadalajara distributes a “package” to their exact location.

Integrated advertisement created by Circus, United States for Netflix, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: CIRCUS, Santa Monica, USA

Chief Creative Officer:
Dauquen Chabeldin

Creative Director:
Ana Luna, Sebastian Urrutia

Art Director:
David Gallo

VP Client Services:
Christopher Roberts

Production Manager:
Servando Alonso

Brenda Chavez

Lead Developer:
Fredy Rivas

Video Editor:
Cecilia Mancera

Technology Director:
Carlos Tejeda

Images are for reference only.Images gathered automatic from google.All rights on the images and the contents are with their original owners.

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