Oral-B: You're Out

Oral-B: You're Out


There was one day of the year when only 100% clean was good enough - Yom Kippur. It’s the holiest day of the year and Jewish people repent for their sins and fast for 25 hours. The country shuts down – no traffic, no media, no eating. If you eat anything – even the smallest morsel of food – during that period, you are destined to an early death, according to Jewish law. It’s no wonder that 70% of Israelis observe the fast… just to be on the safe side! And a mouth that’s anything less than 100% clean could mean you accidently swallow some of the food particles lodged between your teeth.

We hijacked the day with a 100% clean teeth message. Instead of a boring Dentist ad we've used a true Rabbi instead. We gained backing from Israel’s rabbinical authority and amplified their advice through digital, out-of-home, print and eCommerce. A live demo was conducted, pitting a manual brush against Oral B's, proving our 100% claim. The results – certified by an eminent dentist and Israel’s highest rabbinical authority, proved that only electric brushing could save fasters from sin.

Integrated advertisement created by Grey, Israel for Oral-B, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: ACW Grey, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Media Company:
Mediacom Connections Israel

Keshet Group


PR Company:
Stern Ariely Saar

CEO, ACW Grey Tel-Aviv:
Amir Guy

Chief Creative Officer:
Tal Riven

Creative Directors:
Yonatan Title, Asa Keren

Senior Copywriter:
Shay Chikotay

Senior Art director:
Moti Rubinstein

Global Chairman:
Per Pedersen

Europe Creative Chairman:
Eduardo Maruri

CEO, Mediacom:
Yaron Farizon

Comms Planning Director:
Gilad Kat

Client Service Director:
Shimi Hamias

Commercial Director:
Yulia Shavelzon

Planning and activation leader:
Dana Wolfsfeld

Country Manager P&G:
Ophir Guttman

Roni Shacham

Brand Manager P&G:
Liron Schifter

CEO, Stern Ariely Saar:
Pupi Ariely

PR Manager:
Michal Bar- Tal

Cherish Perez de Tagle

Samantha Neal

Ed Webster

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