Ponle Corazon: Available Cans


In Peru, pediatric cáncer has increased 33% in 2018. The main fundraising campaign of the country ¨Ponle Corazon" does not obtain enough to face this situation. Also the main way of raising money continues to be an obsolete form: The fundraising can.

We turn those fundraising cans into a new media where the brands can place their ads and be exhibited throughout the country. The cost of each space? Double the amount the can may raise.

Ambient advertisement created by DDB, Peru for Ponle Corazon, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Fahrenheit DDB, Lima, Peru

Executive Creative Director:
Ricardo Chadwick

Creative Director:
Sergio Franco

Head of Art:
Luciano Leone

Art Director:
Rudy Camones

Aldo Silva

General Account Director:
Alberto Goachet

Account Director:
Andrea Gomero

Vane Díaz / Alexandra Barrio

Renato Arauco / Mario Benites / Diego Tamaki

Production Company:

Manuel Oxenford

Audio Company:

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