Ready Or Not Horror Movie Trailer

The Babysitter's Samara Weaving is leading yet another horror film, and honestly? We can't freakin' wait to see it. In the first trailer for Ready Or Not, the Australian actress plays Grace, a blushing bride who thinks she's marrying the man of her dreams. Their lavish wedding seems to go according to plan, until the sun sets and her new hubby (Mark O'Brien) informs her that her in-laws will now be forcing her to play a sinister initiation "game" akin to hide and seek. Obviously it's not the wedding night she had envisioned.

Andie MacDowell, Adam Brody, Henry Czerny, and more costar as Grace's malevolent competitors in the game, who are set on making sure she doesn't come out of the festivities alive. Watch the chilling trailer for the film above — it's one of many incredible horror movies coming out this Summer, FYI — before it hits theaters on Aug. 23.

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