References to Drowning in Big Little Lies Season 2

Season two of HBO's Big Little Lies is off to a dramatic start, and things get especially real for the Monterey Five in the second episode, "Tell-Tale Hearts." Secrets are being exposed and relationships are being fractured — and, thanks to new sh*t-stirrers like Perry's mom, Mary Louise Wright (Meryl Streep) and Bonnie's mom, Elizabeth Howard (Crystal Fox), it's only going to get worse.

"Tell-Tale Hearts" skillfully shows how each of the women are drowning, metaphorically, in their own lives. Renata's husband, Gordon, may be heading to prison after losing all of their money; Jane is forced to explain assault to Ziggy after he finds out who his father is; Celeste becomes Mary Louise's number one suspect after revealing Perry's longtime abuse; Madeline's marriage to Ed is basically over after he finds out about her affair with Joseph the theater director; and Bonnie is quite obviously dealing with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder after pushing Perry down those stairs.

But there are also a handful of references to an actual drowning in "Tell-Tale Hearts," as well as in HBO's teaser for the next few episodes. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to believe that someone is going to end up underwater, literally. Keep reading for the possible clues.

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