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When you see the chemistry between these two people in these steamy photos, you may think they are obviously a couple, but nope, they are strangers! They met moments before these sizzling shots were captured. This hot and heavy beach photo shoot is from photographer Victoria Taylor, who loves forming powerful human connections between people.

"As a counselor and an artist, I thrive on raw human emotion, so I wanted to challenge myself to see if I was able to portray that in its foundation," said Victoria. "Therefore, I asked two strangers (I have been planning this for months) to come together and without kissing or knowing each other, see if I could help them create a human connection."

According to Victoria, the two of them had gone through similar breakups in the past, so all she had to do was tell them to "look at each other like you wish your ex had looked at you," and the two strangers created magic. Look through these sexy photos, and watch this beautiful story unfold.

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