Samsung’s New Ad Shows Off the Versatility of Its Phones in the Hands of Diverse Creators – Adweek

Samsung smartphones become creative tools for everyone from Hollywood makeup artists to rapping grade-schoolers in the phone-maker’s latest ad, which aims to show the range and diversity of the content producers who use Samsung’s devices.

The 60-second ad from Wieden + Kennedy is part of Samsung’s ongoing celebration of the 10th anniversary of its first Galaxy smartphone, a campaign that has also included episodes and segments of TV shows on NBC, ESPN and Fox shot with the phone.

Set to the song “Strange” by indie singer-songwriter LP, the ad features a montage of people using Galaxy phones for various activities ranging from the recreational to the professional to somewhere in between. Among them are filming a low-budget music video, designing monster makeup on a film set and playing Fortnite with friends.

“We designed our latest line of groundbreaking Galaxy devices to empower Galaxy fans to embrace their creative potential and give them the freedom to create whatever they want, however they want,” Patricio Paucar, Samsung Electronics America’s vice president of mobile marketing, wrote in a statement. “We are inspired by the ways they’re using Samsung technology to share their unique perspectives and express their truest selves.”

As phone upgrades have included fewer flashy new features in recent years, device manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have focused much of their marketing on the creative pursuits possible with their smartphones, for which iterative features like extra lenses and higher-resolution screens can make more of a difference than they do for everyday use.

In addition to the TV integration blitz, Samsung’s Galaxy celebration plans include a brand film called “More of Us” that will spotlight the stories of Samsung-toting creators in more detail, sponsored Fortnite items and a digital exhibition of Latinx artists timed for National Hispanic Heritage month.

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