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“Picture Ned Flanders and the Brady’s, every day’s the same pace as the 80s.”

Those are the descriptive and funny lines that define this three-minute video promoting Mount Pearl, a city with a population of about 25,000 people in Newfoundland, Canada (the smallest in the province). The short comes from Target Marketing, an award-winning ad agency that used a surprisingly solid rap song to promote the various amenities.

The fact is, the town isn’t known for much of anything … which is actually spun as a plus in the playful, self-aware tune. “Welcome to Mount Pearl” showcases bars, parks, hikes, Pete’s Pizza and even a pony (in what is likely a nod to Li’l Sebastian from Parks and Recreation).

Various influential members of the community make cameos. Current mayor Dave Aker who fist bumps a baby, former mayor Steve Kent tosses his trash at the city’s automated garbage truck and Tony the Zamboni driver, slides by on the ice with a thumbs up.

But the star of the video is Jason Piercy. The TV Host and real estate agent turned rapper provides the throughline of the video and plenty of comedy. Moments like speed walking with retirees, tossing a line to a taxidermied squirrel and saying “pearl” underwater help push this video from local to viral.

Target Marketing is an independent agency known for punching well above its weight class. In 2006 Target joined Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, and Lowe Hunt as Gold Lion winners at Cannes, as the agency won the award for their “Cruisin To Win 3” campaign produced for Irving Oil.

It was a massive win for the relatively small agency on the coast of St. John’s Harbor in Newfoundland. While they can win international awards, this video stayed in the neighborhood.

“Mount Pearl may be an unknown place, in an unknown place (Newfoundland), but they are very progressive in their thinking and approach. They are all about humanity, not bureaucracy,” said Jason Hill, creative director at Target. “Mount Pearl is not a big place but what they do have is who they are: a small city with a strong sense of home and sense of humor, which is refreshing in the current global political landscape.”

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