W+K crafts another punchy 30 seconds for Coke – now let’s have a proper campaign

Coca-Cola, which seems to be undergoing something of an identity crisis at the moment, has promised to up its post-pandemic ad spending and here’s new international effort from Wieden+Kennedy London to coincide with the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Featuring Tyler, The Creator (no, me neither.)

Tyler says: “It was really cool to have the opportunity to work on a Coke commercial, forever grateful. The end result came out amazing.”

SVP marketing, Europe Walter Susini says: “The experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola has always been beyond words – from the anticipation of that first sip, to the full power of its taste and the continuous rediscovery each time you drink it. We’re really excited to launch this campaign to celebrate and express the iconicity of the experience, not through one single word, but through music, movement and a universal language that can be recognised by each person that experiences and loves Coca-Cola.”

Iconicity eh?

There’s nothing wrong with it, a punchy 30 seconds in W+K’s (these days) trademark primary colours.

But why doesn’t Coke just go to the agency and say: give us a campaign for all Coke brands that will develop and grow over two years?

W+K must yearn for the days when it could create long-form campaigns to build brands rather than another blast of “activation.”

MAA creative scale: 6.

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