Zhong He Feng Jing: Beauty Rice Bottle


Zhong He Feng Jing - China’s premium organic rice - wanted people to switch from ordinary rice to premium organic rice. Zhong He Feng Jing premium organic rice contains more nutrients than ordinary rice, but people cannot see the difference between their rice and ordinary rice.

So, we made them feel beautiful inside and out with Zhong He Feng Jing.

In Asian history, women used the same ingredient for porcelain skin and healthy living. Their secret? Rice water. When infused with water, the rice’s nutrients are beneficial to the skin.

To demonstrate that Zhong He Feng Jing premium organic rice has more nutrients than ordinary rice, we delicately designed Beauty Rice Bottle for people to make their own rice water. Consumers can feel the richness of rice water, as every micro nutrient is gently absorbed into the skin, and complete their beauty routine with a nourishing meal from Zhong He Feng Jing premium organic rice to feel beautiful inside and out.

Direct advertisement created by Dentsu, China for Zhong He Feng Jing, within the categories: Food, Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Beijing Dentsu Advertising, Shanghai, China

Chief Creative Officer:
Kazuki Tsuburaku

Executive Creative Director:
KC Aui

Creative Director:
Hoshino Manabu

Associate Creative Directors:
Andrew Shee, Meng Qian

Art Directors:
Loo Swee Mei, Eric Pang, Moran Kal

Account Director:
Li Zheng

Strategic Planning Director:
Kenjiro Sese

Project Director:
Rony Chan

Film Production Company:
DNA China

Film Director:
Taiki Soma

Executive Producers:
Taiki Soma, Chow Xin Yi

Sound Production Company:
Ghetto-Blaster Audio House

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